Signy Villems

Signy Villems - AudiitorteenusedSigny joined the team of Audiitorteenuse OÜ in the autumn of 2020, having over ten years of experience in the field by that time. Being an authorised auditor, her everyday task is to conduct audits and reviews of financial statements for companies operating in various sectors. Signy also performs other engagements that require the competence of an authorised auditor, such as packaging report audits, audits of assessments of non-monetary contributions, etc.

The thing that fascinates Signy most in the work of an authorised auditor is that she always has up-to-date knowledge of the latest changes in the field of accounting, which provides an excellent opportunity for self-development. Also, the non-routine nature of the work and the chance to meet with different people are a definite plus. Signy can always stay determined, with a sparkle in her eyes and a friendly attitude. She likes to solve the problems that arise in accounting – with her being an independent and impartial advisor, the solutions are found quickly.

In her free time, Signy enjoys ballroom dancing and can sometimes be found on the golf course. She enjoys the company of friends and family very much, and discovering exotic countries together with them offers a lot of excitement.

Professional experience
Signy has been an authorised auditor and a public sector’s authorised auditor since 2012. During the 8 years prior to 2020 when she worked at the Estonian Board of Auditors, she devoted her time to developing the profession of authorised auditors. In the Board of Auditors, she contributed to the development of professional regulations and tools for authorised auditors, and the formulation of training offers. Signy has always strived toward raising public awareness about audit activities and about the profession’s valuable role in making the business environment more reliable. During the 4 years prior to working at the Board of Auditors, Signy worked for the international audit firm KPMG Baltics OÜ, where she performed everyday audit procedures.

Signy has been a member of the Board of Auditors since 2012 and of the methodology commission of the Board of Auditors since 2020.

2019 – 2021 Tartu University, Master’s study – marketing and financial management
2004 – 2007 Tartu University, Bachelor – economics
2001 – 2004 C.R.Jakobson Gymnasium, economy specialised class

Work experience
since 2020 authorised auditor, Audiitorteenuse OÜ
2012 – 2020 methodology, in-service training, and communication, Board of Auditors
2008 – 2012 auditor, KPMG Baltics OÜ
2007 – 2008 accountant’s assistant, HR specialist, Paikre OÜ